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Coding Department is proud to be one of the leading companies providing a comprehensive range of coding services for home health. We deliver top-quality home health coding to our clients and help them improve the overall reimbursements. In turn, agencies outsource Coding Department in big numbers to improve accuracy, quality, cost efficiency, compliance, and security.

Over the years, our team of highly skilled and experienced home health RN coding specialists have developed proprietary coding protocols to ensure best practices when establishing each patient’s medical necessity, homebound status, and true focus of care. We guarantee the following to all of our clients:

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  • All charts will be completed by our in house coding team who have completed our 4 month training program and are actively monitored and managed. Our coding supervisors do have CPC, HCS-D, HCS-H and or HCS-O certifications
  • Coding will be completed and ready for review next business day
  • We do not have a minimum monthly patient requirement, nor do we stipulate you must utilize our services for a set length of time
  • Each agency is assigned a dedicated coding and QA team to ensure familiarity with your specific coding guidelines

We promise efficient home health coding services, focused on issues and challenges unique to the home health and hospice industry. We believe this industry-specific focus puts us in the best position to help our clients decrease turnaround time and increase reimbursement.

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We’ll code up to 10 patients for free!


Our free coding trial gives you an opportunity to evaluate our work & decide which service works best for you.


It’s a simple two-step process. We will use the following submissions below to generate two documents: the “Coding Demonstration Agreement” and the “HIPAA Business Associate Agreement”. Once completed a Coding representative will get back to you as soon as possible to start the free trial.