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OASIS reviews are a significant part of ensuring that Medicare knows what care is required and why it is essential. Furthermore, it makes reimbursement an easier process for every medical service rendered. Some data are reported to Home Health Compare to give patients and caregivers more noteworthy understanding of the quality of care when considering which agency to choose.

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Finishing the OASIS is a difficult task, that is the reason why you need to have our HCS-D and COS-C-confirmed medical practitioners nurture to deal with your hardest patient situations. Our medical practitioners will guarantee your ICD-10 coding and OASIS documentation are clinically accurate, while helping all throughout the OASIS review process. Be assured that our medical practitioners are by your side to ensure you are doing the right thing.

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By availing the services of Coding Department, an expert in home health and hospice coding as well as OASIS assessment review is advantageous because of the following:

    1. Accurate OASIS reviews are completed on a lesser amount of time, as fast as two business days.
  1. Home health agencies profit by employing exceptionally experienced specialists who are updated on the guidelines and necessities so you can be guaranteed that your coding and OASIS assessment reviews are in taken cared of.
  2. These medical experts are centered on making accurate report of every medical care rendered so you get paid exactly what is due to you.

Coding and OASIS Accuracy Checks


Coding and OASIS review is a two-in-one package. More than reviewing your documentation and help with ICD-10 coding, our experts will likewise look into your M items on the OASIS review to guarantee they precisely mirror the patient's condition and reflect the recommended codes.


Coding and QA Review


If you are looking for an intensive review, you may avail of our Coding and QA Review service. This would allow for coding suggestions and OASIS recommendations referenced above, notwithstanding an increasingly exceptional and meticulous review of the total OASIS evaluation. This more intense review includes an overview of vital signs, physician parameters, other discipline referrals and more.

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Give us a try: See how the team at CodingDepartment.com can support your Home Health Coding and your Hospice Medical Coding requirements with excellent service and support as well as compliant process management — all on our secure, proprietary medical coding management platform.

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