The plan of care (POC) is created from the initial and comprehensive assessments and is a guide for patient care. The POC should contain all services that are crucial for the palliation and management of illnesses and related conditions. However, this is a tool that must be regularly checked and updated to continue being effective.

Coding Department reviews POC by evaluating and checking the home care listed, such as services, patient’s progress, and medical supplies. Once it has been created, all areas of the POC should be reviewed periodically (at least once every 60 days), particularly after certain health events, to ensure that the care the beneficiary receives meets their conditions and needs. We will inform the clients about any changes in the plan of care and only change it with the doctor’s approval.

The POC may be revised when appropriate to reflect the patient’s present needs, based on the assessment of:patient’s present needs, based on the assessment of:

  • Response to care and treatment
  • Improvement towards goals
  • Critical changes in the patient’s status
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