Coding Department vows to protect your right to privacy and personal information. This privacy policy discloses our practices of gathering and utilizing information that you give via

The goal of our website is to be an effective business, resource, and information medium about outsourcing to our valued clients, researchers, and media personnel. We make sure that our web visitors feel completely safe through our dedication and commitment to information security. Below is an overview of our privacy policy.

How is Information Gathered?

Information on our site is gathered directly when you voluntarily provide information through our forms such as contact us, request for information, and query. Take note that you have the option and freedom to submit personal information to our website.

Cookies: We also gather information from cookies; however, information from cookies will not be examined individually. In case you opt not to submit information to be used in the website, you can disable your cookies or decide at the download or request page.

Internet access logs: We also compile information indirectly through our site's internet access logs. The browsers’ internet address will automatically be saved and placed in our access logs.

Use of information

The collected information from our website is reviewed to help us improve the site and make necessary changes and modifications so that we can improve user experience.

There are instances where information may also be utilized to send direct mails or newsletters for new promos and events. Still, you have the option to unsubscribe if you choose not to receive our emails.


Coding Department shares personal information only with trusted employees and partners. We guarantee that personal information will not be shared with or sold to outside parties. Our website may contain links to other sites. However, Coding Department is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these websites.

Data security

At Coding Department, we guarantee both physical and electronic security measures to secure and handle all personal information submitted by our website users. Our safety and security procedures protect the misuse, loss and alteration of information. We guarantee that our database is protected by our firewall, with limited access given only to authorized personnel in our company.

Coding Department values your trust and we apply only the best administrative, technical and physical procedures, such as:

    • Consent before obtaining your information
    • Lawful processing of personal data
    • All information will be kept safe against, damage, loss, destruction or unauthorized reproduction of data both digitally or physically

GDPR Compliant

Coding Department stores typical personal details like name, company name, country, email, telephone number, etc. In addition, we also store web data such as cookies, IP address, and system location solely for business purposes, so that we can keep in touch with our clients about new services, products, project requirements, and updates. Emails are sent precisely on an opt-in basis, and clients have the option to end the processing of their personal data or deletion. We can also provide electronic copies of records, along with the purpose of its storage and location, upon request.

Access your Information in Real Time

Coding Department is a GDPR compliant. We truly believe that our clients have the right to access the information given to us. In case of changes in the data (e.g. updates, inaccuracy), you can contact us here.

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