Comprehensive Agency Services focuses on medical coding and billing services for the home health and hospice industry.

Our medical coding and medical billing experts are qualified to review your diagnosis and accurately assign medical codes and prepare billing for home health and hospice agencies. We focus on quality assurance and data protection so you receive the highest accuracy, safety, and security in the business.

Medical Coding

We dedicate teams of HCS-D certified coders to each of our agency clients. Our twin signatures of complete accountability and rock-solid consistency mean our clients rely on day-in, day-out.

A supervisor and assistant supervisor manages each team of four to eight coders. The supervisors perform random audits to guarantee accuracy, lead ongoing training, and maintain optimal turnaround times. Our daily reports outline unresolved issues and keep DONs and Administrators up-to-date throughout the coding process. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • Quick Turnaround Time: Our all-agency average days to complete the coding is less than 1.5 days. We make this possible by starting our day in the afternoon and work through the night to complete our work for the next business day.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy: our strenuous approval process ensures that our coding is virtually error-free. In the event of a denial, we also have a specialist that works with payors to resolve any issues.

  • Scalability: With over 100 certified coders on staff, we can seamlessly handle high-volume patient workloads.

HHRG Score Optimizer Tool

In 2020, we developed a tool to ensure our clients maximize their revenue under CMS new PGDM guidelines. By utilizing a proprietary algorithm, we've increased per episode revenues by as much as 10%. We attribute the increase to functional impairment scores that accurately convey the patient's condition. This enables us to capture unrealized revenue for specific diagnoses that qualify for comorbidity adjustments.

This new tool provides you with more data to help highlight areas of opportunity to lift revenue and provide more accurate and reliable charts. We can analyze the data in a variety of ways:

  • Compare clinicians to see who is underperforming on assessment turnaround time and/or charting accuracy;

  • Utilize standardized revenue per episode data to compare agency partners to nationwide revenue benchmarks;

  • Provide teaching materials for the most common OASIS errors;

  • Track optimization metrics to highlight the gap between optimal and actual revenue

Plan of Care Preparation

Our team of clinicians excels at developing care plans that are achievable and compliant with CMS' Conditions of Participation.

We take pride in our ability to replicate each agency's internal protocols and templates; while introducing best practices we've developed over the years. Each agency is assigned to a dedicated team of clinicians to ensure the Plans of Care are consistent and exceed the referring MD's expectations. Ultimately, your POC team will give you the peace of mind knowing that each Plan of Care provides:

  • Sufficient justification for each patient's need for skilled nursing and/or therapy services.

  • The justification that the patient is, or was, confined at home.

  • Attestation that a face-to-face encounter was conducted within the required timeframe

Comprehensive Episode QA

Upon completion of the Plan of Care, our QA team ensures clinicians provide treatments aligned with the physician's plan while documenting their visits accurately. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround to ensure clinicians can complete their work in advance of final billing. We assist with the following tasks:

  • Order Generation

  • Medication Profile Reconciliation

  • Discharge/Transfer OASIS QA

  • Therapy Evaluation QA

Billing & Collection Services

Due to overwhelming demand, we've expanded our services to include episodic payer billing and collections for our agency partners. The response has been extremely positive, and clients have increased their revenue while decreasing claim rejections rates due to billing errors.

  • Notice of Admission Submission

  • Payment Posting

  • T-status and ADR Monitoring

  • Daily Total Billed and EFT Tracking

  • Manage Claim Denials

Revenue Maximization

Our Revenue Max option offers an end-to-end solution, from coding to final payment. Revenue Max guarantees each agency maximizes their revenue and speeds collections. Revenue Max services package includes the following tasks:

  • Coding & OASIS Validation

  • HHRG Score Optimization

  • Plan of Care Preparation

  • Comprehensive Episode QA

  • Billing & Collection Services

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