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Compliant, reliable, audited, we protect your data and your patient's data.
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Highly trained and highly dedicated, gets it right. Every time.
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We are medical coders. Our team isn't distracted by other lines of business.
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We value your time. We made our sign-up process as easy as a click of a button.
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A woman having her arms crossed in front of a desk with two male companions. Your Coding Department | Coding Department

Your Coding Department! We’ll code the first 10 patients for free

Your home health coding company that lets you try before you buy.

We understand the decision to utilize a home health coding agency is not easy. To help you make that decision, we offer all prospective clients a 10-patient free coding trial to show how we can help improve your revenue cycle management.

The coding trial also gives us an opportunity to learn about your agency and internal protocols, which will ensure a smooth transition should you choose to partner with us.


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We’ll code up to 10 patients for free!


Our free coding trial gives you an opportunity to evaluate our work & decide which service works best for you.


It’s a simple two-step process. We will use the following submissions below to generate two documents: the “Coding Demonstration Agreement” and the “HIPAA Business Associate Agreement”. Once completed a Coding representative will get back to you as soon as possible to start the free trial.