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Since 2012, the Coding Department has been the leading provider of medical home health and hospice coding. With highly-trained professional medical coders, Coding Department is fast, dependable, and cost-effective. All of our coders are HCS-D certified and required to complete annual certification maintenance and competency tests. We also conduct random audits and ongoing training to ensure awareness of CMS updates.

Coding Department is a highly competent organization that offers competitive rates by linking offshore talent with coding expertise and quality management. We provide better, more attentive service to clients than the domestically-based competition or in-house coding solutions.


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Safety and Security

We take your patient's right to privacy seriously, we have taken proactive steps to establish administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for your patients’ PHI. We employ a full-time compliance officer, and can provide compliance documentation upon request.

Our coding staff is also familiar with all the major EMR systems, so there is no need to fax or email coding reports. We input the codes directly into your system; utilizing a secure HIPAA compliant connection.

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Coding Department only offers medical coding services which means that there is nothing else we put our focus and resources into but the everyday development and perfection of medical coding. Focus drives quality and our dedicated professionals who are highly trained, highly motivated, and remain fully mindful of the medical coding work and their obligation to remain compliant.

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When you partner with a quality outsourcing company like Coding Department, you don’t just experience ease and availability but most importantly, confidence that the work of coding document occurs like clockwork.

When you choose in-house management, you would need to search and hire the appropriate candidates, train them, mentor them and provide them benefits. Outsourcing trained and competent medical professionals alleviates all of those costly steps. Additionally, your company benefits from having years of expertise working for you.


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Quality Service

We provide fast, reliable, and quality service to our clients.

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Work Integrity

We are consistent in giving accurate information to our clients. Our transactions and tasks are done with integrity and honesty in accordance with our company policies and procedures.

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We achieve our goals through teamwork, every individual is to make our operation a success.

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Work-Life Balance

We find the right balance between work and lifestyle and prioritize an individual’s health, family, and spiritual development.

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Give us a try: See how the team at CodingDepartment.com can support your Home Health Coding and your Hospice Medical Coding requirements with excellent service and support as well as compliant process management — all on our secure, proprietary medical coding management platform.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money and be fully compliant.